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Talk 8th March
Important advice

The talk is entitled The Great War:- Ambleside’s story and although we were due to be addressed by Judith Shingler, she will be unable to attend so her colleague Allison Peak will deliver the talk. This will be at 7.30 at the Yew Tree Hall, Lorton as usual.
As you will probably be aware, there are road-works between Cockermouth and Lorton. The official diversion is from Cockermouth, via the A66 to Keswick, then over Whinlatter Pass down to Lorton.
On Monday night, the work was still confined between Cockermouth and Hundith Hill. On Thursday it may still be possible to avoid the work by travelling on the A5086 towards Egremont, turning left at Paddle School and travelling via Southwaite Mill to turn right onto the Lorton Road at Four Lane Ends. I am told that on Monday evening it was possible to drive through the road-works with great caution.
Sandra Shaw,


Welcome to the website of the Lorton & Derwent Fells Local History Society (L&DFLHS). This site introduces you to the Society and its activities and publications. The site provides a focus for local history in our area. Whether you live locally or not, you can join the Society as a member for £8 as a full member. The new subscription year starts on 1st November.

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Society visit to Carlisle- Roger Hiley has posted a report on Loweswatercam about the visit on 1st November

Our area

The Society has its principal focus in the area of the English Lake District to the west of Keswick and the south of Cockermouth. The map shows this area of Cumbria, formerly Cumberland. The old townships covered are Brackenthwaite, Buttermere, Embleton, Lorton, Loweswater, Mosser, Pardshaw, Whinfell and Wythop. The Society and its members are also interested in Cumberland families and the history of Cumbria generally.

An image depicting the county of Cumbria.
Our area in the county of Cumbria

What does the Society do?

  • The Society is a membership organisation, run by an elected Committee.

  • It organises a programme of events for its members and visitors, primarily a series of bi-monthly talks.

  • Additionally it organises historical visits, walks and occasional exhibitions.

  • It publishes a newsletter called 'The Wanderer', a Journal (no longer continued), several books, and other occasional publications.

  • It has run historical and archaelogical projects.

  • It keeps an archive of historical material for the area and provides support for other local and family historians.

  • The Society is a member of the Cumbria Local History Federation the Cumbria County History Trust and the British Association for Local History.