Greenwood's County Map of Cumberland, surveyed 1821-2

A map at a scale of 1 inch to 1 mile, first published in 1823. This second edition published in 1844 with routes and names of railways added to the engraving to that date, and with later railways to 1847 added by the colourist.

Please click on a section to view or download an image of the section at the original scale.

CNW01 CNW02 CNW03 CNW04 CNW05 CNW06 CNE01 CNE02 CNE03 CNE04 CNE05 CNE06 CNW07 CNW08 CNW09 CNW10 CNW11 CNW12 CNE07 CNE08 CNE09 CNE10 CNE11 CNE12 >CNW13 CNW14 CNW15 CNW16 CNW17 CNW18 CNE13 CNE14 CNE15 CNE16 CNE17 CNE18 CNW19 CNW20 CNW21 CNW22 CNW23 CNW24 CNE19 CNE20 CNE21 CNE22 CNE23 CNE24 CSW01 CSW02 CSW03 CSW04 CSW05 CSW06 CSE01 CSE02 CSE03 CSE04 CSE05 CSE06 CNS07 CSW08 CSW09 CSW10 CSW11 CSW12 CSE07 CSE08 CSE09 CSE10 CSE11 CSE12 >CSW13 CSW14 CSW15 CSW16 CSW17 CSW18 CSE13 CSE14 CSE15 CSE16 CSE17 CSE18 CSW19 CSW20 CSW21 CSW22 CSW23 CSW24 CSE19 CSE20 CSE21 CSE22 CSE23 CSE24